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Aroma de Flamenco, 2014

Aroma de Flamenco

Aroma del Flamenco is an evening dedicated to the beautiful art form of Flamenco. The evening's performance will include independent local artists who have immersed themselves in a world of complex rhythm, soulful singing, expressive and technical dance, and intricate guitar work. The five dancers, singer, and guitarist make up the three main elements that form a traditional flamenco cuadro. The artists have created this show to share with you the spirit and emotion of Flamenco, and to transport you into their world.

The artists involved in creating this special evening have each discovered Flamenco under different circumstances, and have journeyed on varied paths, making each of them a very unique performer in their own right. 


Christine Arzoumanian

Celeste Hamilton

Rie Ishizuka

Sonia Muñoz

Larissa Vingillis-Jaremko.



Nicolas Hernández



Silvia Temis

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