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Flamenco Up Close: Grilo, 2015

Flamenco Up Close, 2015

Back by popular demand, the virtuosic flamenco dancer, Joaquín Grilo, one of the leading male proponents of flamenco dance and one of its leading innovators.


Joaquín is a magnetic dancer who approaches dance as percussion and the body as an instrument. He expertly shapes his sounds, rhythmic patterns and movement in a way that harmoniously incorporates him into the sonic palette created by the musicians and singers around him.

FLAMENCO UP CLOSE: “Grilo” (2015)


Baile (dance): Joaquín Grilo


Toque (guitar): Juan Requena


Cante (song): Carmen Grilo


Producer: Sonia Muñoz


Lighting Design/Technical Direction: Sharon DiGenova


Associate Producer: JoAnne Frenschkowski



FLAMENCO UP CLOSE: Corazón Flamenco (2015)


Baile: Christine Arzoumanina, Larissa Vingilis-Jaremko, Angela Deiseach


Toque: Benjamin Barrile


Cante: Gina Tantalo

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